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55 Market Street

Chevron House

Tong Building

Shaw Centre

Suntec City (1 July 2017)

Tokio Marine Centre (15 July 2017)

OCBC Centre (1 August 2017)

 +65 65213000

+65 68096200

 +65 65213800

+65 66797800

+65 66786500

+65 68238200

+65 68096200



Sun Palace Building

+86 10 64697000



Glas Haus Building

G Tower

+66 (0) 20260130

+66 (0) 20263600




Refund Policy


All Products and Services are sold as-is.


Goods & Services sold are not subject to return.


Please clarify before purchasing our goods and services.


Refunds are subject to the discretion of the Company's Management.



Payment Types Accepted




To make a credit card payment to Corporate Serviced Offices Pte Ltd for any other matters or amounts, please complete our Credit Card Authorisation Form and return it to us by email: or fax: +65 65213001.

Once payment has been processed, you will receive an official Receipt from us.



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